It seems like everybody is running these days. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re all reaching our mid-twenties and our years of eating terrible foods has finally caught up with us or if it’s because everybody spends too much time on social media and thus knows everything about everybody now. I’ve never been one to follow any trends, so I have not jumped on this running bandwagon.

Actually, I can remember one time that I ran on my own free will (i.e. not gym class and not being chased by a criminal/rabid dog). One of my friends from high school suggested on going for a run after school. I conveniently “forgot” my running attire the day of, but this girl knew me too well and had packed an extra set, sneakers and all. We got changed in the locker room and planned a route that went through the neighborhood next to our school. I don’t think either one of us thought this through before doing it…it was right when school let out…aka when everybody is DRIVING near the school. Her and I were moving at a snail’s pace and everybody was driving by honking. I think that experienced ruined running for me forever.

People used to just be content running their 5Ks and if they were a little more into it, marathons and triathlons. Now it seems that all sorts of crazy races are popping up!! I’m totally a fan of the color run and have even said that I would do one…if they weren’t always during the HOTTEST time of year. I do NOT want to run when it’s 90 degrees and humid. Can somebody please schedule one for like November or March??

While the Color Run sounds fun, there are plenty of races that make me wonder what sort of sane individual would actually agree to doing this…for FUN! And then I see all my friends sign up for it…what? For example, Tough Mudder. Not only are you running through mud, but I’m pretty sure this is the one with like barbed wire and electric fences and stuff. I REALLY want to know who was sitting around and came up with this idea and thought that people would buy into it. I also don’t understand CrossFit but I think that’s because my idea of “fun” is sitting outside with a drink in my hand.

There are also a lot of apps available to not only track how much you run or bike or whatever but also broadcast that to everybody who is your Facebook friend or Twitter follower. I am always incredibly tempted to make snarky comments on these posts. “Susie ran X miles this week!” “That’s real cute Susie, I walked probably X miles to my local dive bar and back!” I have a feeling these won’t be appreciated.

I guess things could be worse…instead of a trend that makes people healthier, more of my friends could have taken up competitive eating…or just eating in general.

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One thought on “Running

  1. My husband’s best friend recently became a triathlete, so we’ve been observers at many of his races, including a half-ironman. Holy cow, I don’t get why people put there bodies through all that! Yeah, I’ll try a 5K every once in a while, but that’s enough for me!

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