The Return of Rachel

The best possible thing ever happened this week. My best friend, Rachel (name changed, obvi), moved to the city I live in to start grad school. Anybody would be excited to have their best friend join them, but knowing our past makes it all the more special.

Rachel and I met when we were five years old. We went to the same day camp and we had the same lunch box. Match made in heaven, right? Our moms set up a play date for us and got to talking and realized that we went to the same elementary school. Awesome! After that, we were pretty inseparable. We coordinated our Halloween costumes, we decorated each other’s rooms, and as we got older we spent WAY too much time at each other’s lockers.

We haven’t lived in the same town (let alone the same state) since we were seventeen. We went to different colleges and then worked in different cities. I went to grad school, she went to Europe. Now she’s back and I AM SO EXCITED!! I’ve already got plans to help her build some Ikea furniture. I know that doesn’t sound like fun, but I’ve never lived close enough to help her with anything like that before!

Like…this excited.

Of course every so often I have to come down from cloud nine and remember that we are both VERY busy people so it won’t be just like high school…I have my job and she has grad school. With RA training right around the corner, we’ve already had issues finding time we both had free to get together. I already have friends and obligations on my side of the city and I’m sure she will wind up with those things on her side of the city as well!

I always get slightly jealous of my friends that live in the same city as each other. I know it was my choice to take a job in a city where I knew nobody and I’ve done okay making friends, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about Rachel’s return!!

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2 thoughts on “The Return of Rachel

  1. J. Parker says:

    Hooray! It is always so nice to have people you actually KNOW in the same city as you! Hah when I moved to DC for school I pretty much immediately latched on to literally every single Texan I knew (even vaguely) in the area!
    In hindsight, I probably seemed like a weirdo at first but hey, I got some friends out of the deal anyway! 🙂

  2. […] with the madness, I did get a few visits in! Right before the madness started, I made sure to visit Rachel and see her new apartment. It has a balcony. I’m jealous. Rachel also made her way over to my […]

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