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Starting Up

Once I actually decided that I was going to start a blog again, I struggled. I kept going back and forth with my emotions. I would think about how I had started so many blogs before, just to drop them after a few boring entries. Then I would think about how I was excited I was to be starting my new job and to really be able to focus on a certain area and not just “my life”. Annnndddd then I would go read another blog and get depressed because they had better design and wittier things to say.

Suddenly, I remembered something. I used to be PAID to blog. True story, I was one of the student workers at the admissions office that helped start our blogging site. I blogged for the school for nearly four full years. By the time I was a senior, I was in charge of the bloggers. How did I forget that little detail? If I did it for a living then, I can do it now.

Seriously. I am sitting here in shock that I managed to forget that I was once a paid blogger. I was a paid blogger before blogging was even cool! Okay, enough with that rant.

So what did I write about then? Not that I’m going to reveal my identity, but I can still find my old entries by searching my full name and my college’s name. I wrote a lot about my life, but since it was for admissions, it was rather sugar-coated. I also put lots of pictures in. I also wrote about what was going on at school, like plays and club events. There wasn’t much of a focus.

Once our blogging site really got going, I had a lot of readers and a lot of comments. Some of the comments were from my co-workers, some were spam (blahh), but I had plenty from prospective students and parents of prospective students. It was great interacting with my readers! Of course, that was two years or so after I started. So I guess I just have to remember that it takes time.

One of the lessons I’ve carried away is not to write when I’m angry. Yes, right now I’m talking a bit about being unmotivated and slightly frustrated, but that’s different than ranting over and over again about minor issues. I mentioned earlier that my college entries were sugar-coated – if I had ranted about drama or how hard school was or how miserable certain things made me, students would NOT have wanted to come to my school. And I’d probably be fired. So I could write about endless bad parent encounters and the things I don’t like about my job…I don’t. Or I put a positive spin on it. How student affairs of me!

I made printed off a blog planner from the internet and one of the sections on it is “Blogger to Encourage”. Maybe this is my way of encouraging myself for this week. 

So readers…if I’ve accumulated any this past month…what motivates you and keeps you going?

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