The Lilly Pulitzer Online Sale

Today kicked off Lilly Pulitzer’s long-awaited online sale. It runs through Wednesday with special Facebook Flash Sales each day at 11 am. I was super excited for this sale, but unfortunately my car decided to die over the weekend and I have to be a responsible adult and spend my Lilly money on towing and repairs. Sigh.

So what lovely things am I missing out on? Well, the one thing I’m sure most girls are freaking out about are the sorority print items. These were at the warehouse sale and they went FAST! I always thought they’d make great big/little gifts, but they were too expensive. I’ve seen several people post on Facebook that they just purchased them as presents. Unfortunately Lilly doesn’t make a print for my sorority, otherwise I would have let my dead car sit in the lot until my next paycheck…

There are also a TON of dresses. The one thing with the dresses is that these items are final sale and there’s no try on room so you need to know your size. Personally, I am different sizes in different styles, so I stay away from dresses during the online sale unless I already own the style in a different color/print. Shirts are a MUCH safer bet since there’s a little more wiggle room with those. I also really love the scarves, except rumor has it that they are already all sold out!!

Unfortunately the sale’s popularity is also it’s downfall. The sale started at 8 am and the site crashed within the first fifteen minutes. Also, an item is not reserved until you pay for it. That means if you select something and then continue shopping, other shoppers have the chance to grab that first item. There have been reports of people going to check out, only for their orders to not go through. The company has been working on fixing it and they’ve even been responding to people’s Facebook comments – both the good and the bad. 

If you missed the Warehouse Sale or like bargains or just want more Lilly, you should definitely check it out. Let me know what you buy!

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