My Nail Polish Obsession

I can remember my first bottle of nail polish. I was super young…maybe four? My mom bought it for me. It was a weird shade of pink and I think Tinkerbell was pictured on the bottle. (Edit – It wasn’t actual Tinkerbell but it was called Tinkerbell cosmetics. HOW THE HELL DID I REMEMBER THAT?!)

It was made especially for kids and it was designed to peel off in one big piece. At the time, my mom was unaware that she was being a complete enabler. I was obsessed. I would paint my nails (okay and like half of my fingers) multiple times a day…I’d just peel the polish off and start again. I think at some point she took it away because I don’t remember painting my nails as a child again until I was older.

The next time I became interested in nail polish, I was around ten. Stores like Claire’s and Afterthoughts were super popular and they had nail polishes in every color of the rainbow. One of the party favors from my birthday party that year was a small bottle of blue nail polish. My friends and I would paint our nails all sorts of weird colors, at times making a full rainbow on our hands.

At some point I got sick of nail polish. I never had the time or patience to do my nails. It would chip and I wouldn’t fix it so it would look terrible. It just never looked nice. If I really wanted my nails done for some reason, I would go get them done.

And then I was introduced to a product that CHANGED MY LIFE. Okay, maybe not my whole life, but at least the life of my nails. Essie Good to Go Top Coat. It’s quick drying and makes my nails look super shiny. I feel like it also makes my nail polish last longer. I can also do more coats so it looks like a manicure from the salon. Also (and this might just be because I have a ton of coats on) when it starts chipping, it tends to peel off in one piece so I can easily paint the whole nail again.

Now that I like nail polish, stores like Ulta have become a dangerous place. It’s so easy to think that you’re only spending $8 on a nail polish…only to wind up with four in your basket!! I’m a big fan of Essie and OPI and I’ve heard good things about China Glaze. New brand to try? I think so.

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One thought on “My Nail Polish Obsession

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I had a nail polish obsession too!

    – KW

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