July Goal Updates

Since it’s been six months, I’ll fill all you new readers in. Back in January, instead of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution, I set five “goals” for myself. I use the term “goals” rather loosely since there really is no end goal and no way to measure them. At the end of each month, I reflect what I have done in terms of those goals in the past month.

Be More Organized

Clearly, I haven’t been too organized this month. I basically neglected my blogging schedule, my apartment is starting to resemble one of those cluttered second hand stores, and my walk in closet no longer functions as a walk in closet anymore. As in you can’t WALK into it.

However, this past weekend I had this absolute rush of productivity. I realized that RA training is just around the corner (already?!?!) and that if I don’t start doing things NOW they basically aren’t getting done until Christmas. Maybe. I’m hoping that continues into this week and coming weekend, but I don’t know…

One of the things I did yesterday was rearrange my room. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but I never bothered measuring my furniture to see if it would all fit. After seeing my friend’s room, I went home that night and started measuring. There are still a few things I’d like to do in there, but I already like how it looks so much better now.

Read More

For most of the month, it was unpleasantly hot and rainy. It was terrible. I did not want to be outside. Then, something wonderful happened…my Nook decided to start working again AND the weather returned to normal. I parked my butt outside and read “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides (the same guy who wrote “The Virgin Suicides” and “Middlesex”). I bought it at some point last year and I read the first part twice on my iPad without realizing I had already started it on my Nook. I’m so proud of myself for finishing a book for once!!

I honestly don’t know when I’m going to have time to read things that aren’t on the internet in the next month, but I’m hoping to find something small!

Schedule More Me Time

I am super bummed…the vacation I was planning with my friends fell through. A group of people that still live close to Undergrad U did something together, but those that have moved far away were out of the loop. We joked that it was because the boys were trying to plan it. Luckily I will be seeing this same group of friends over the winter at a wedding!

I did take some time off and ran away to my lake house. The best/worst part was that my work phone didn’t have service. This was a wonderful realization the first day, but by the third day had me completely on edge! My service-less phone was somehow able to show that I had a voicemail from a number that I knew to be Campus Security at PDFM U. When I finally drove back to PDFM U, I half expected to see the building that houses my apartment destroyed. When I finally listened to the message, it turns out they had a question about keys to some building. Sigh.

I didn’t manage to sneak in any other time off before RA training, but I’m planning a nice long weekend a few days after move in. Then after that, it’s a long haul until my vacation with my big and my little!!

Keep In Touch

Recently, my best friend from home asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. The other girls in the wedding party are her younger sisters and our other friends from high school. Our high school group has had a group iPhone chat (seriously my favorite feature) going the past few weeks, joking about the wedding and bachelorette party and all sorts of things. While it’s not the same as seeing them in person, it’s nice to have that group feeling.

One of my friends is actually coming to visit me in a few weeks! I’m really excited…since none of my other friends live near me, it’s usually easier for me to go somewhere else rather than have people come down here. Unfortunately it is during RA training, so she’s gonna get some nice R&R while I’m…I don’t know…teaching RAs how to extinguish a fire? But seriously, I’m thinking of all the cool things there are to do in my city and making sure I drag her to each and every one of them.

Be A Grown Up

My to do list has been looking veryyyy grown up lately. Go to the post office, go to the bank, go to the store, make dinner, clean the tub. Ugghhh. Oh and everything wedding related. I swear, I might give up Facebook and exist solely on Twitter. People don’t seem to post as much wedding crap on Twitter. Oh and I still haven’t scheduled a dentist appointment…BUT WHO HAS TIME??

Until next month, mis amigos!


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