I Think It’s My Blog’s Birthday

Well…at some point during July of 2012 I decided to start writing this thing. And I kept up with it a whole year. Sure, there were some weeks where I’d go missing (cough this past one) but I swear I always had good reasons…like my job.

Ironically, this past week I had a lot of views even though I didn’t post anything. Weird. But hey now, I’m not going to complain about readers! Yay readers!

So where have I been this past week? Just preparing for all the NEW things coming to PDFM U…new employees (right here, in my office!), new students (orientation weekends are almost here…), and new office supplies (mmm…my favorite). I’ve just been so busy getting everything set up that there wasn’t any time for me to write posts and think of ideas. I even got to the point where my mom or one of my friends would call me after I got home from work and I just didn’t feel like talking. I just need some me time at the end of the day!

The good news is I get a break between last week’s craziness and next week’s cluster I MEAN orientation so I plan on taking a long weekend and relaxing in my apartment. I’d LOVE to be outside but it’s been insanely hot and I might actually roast up like a piece of meat if I tried to lay out.

This is pretty accurate.

I need to get back into the blogging routine, but happy first birthday, blog!

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