My Week Without Internet

The internet in my office died recently. Not my whole building, just my individual office. I realized something was up when I hadn’t gotten any emails in an hour. I checked my email on my phone (yay technology!) and found that my inbox was rather full of emails from impatient students. I called IT and the first person that came to my office couldn’t figure it out. The second person couldn’t either. Clearly something was wrong with the hardware that allowed me to access my computer. We just didn’t know what part.

I wound up being without internet in my office for nearly four full days. I wish I could say that I was a much more productive person during that time, but the truth is I spent a lot of time imaging what working in the days before email must have been like. Like most of my friends, I absolutely hate using the phone and resort to email just because it’s not okay to text my boss questions I have that are work-related. Maybe if I had to use the phone more often, I wouldn’t hate it as much.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t completely cut off from the internet. I had access to email on my phone and for important emails, I was sitting at my desk, typing away on my phone. It was kind of frustrating and must have looked absolutely ridiculous. While I had some internet access, it was not ideal.

My biggest gripe with the whole week was that even though I was adding things to my Outlook calendar on my computer, they were not syncing to my phone. Thank god school was out and I didn’t have too much going on because I rely on those fifteen minute reminders that my phone and computer give me.

I know this entire post sounds like a major first world problem – “WAH WAH WAH MY INTERNET’S BROKE!!” but the whole thing reminded me of the article I read earlier this month about the man who WILLINGLY went without internet for a year. I expected my time without internet to be so productive, but instead I found new ways to distract myself. The internet did not make me easily distracted or lazy. I’m that way naturally.

Maybe this whole experience would have been different if everybody else on campus also couldn’t access the internet. Maybe we would be forced to interact with each other more, rather than just shooting emails across campus. But similar to Paul Miller’s experiment, we probably would have SAID we were going to do that and just did nothing until the internet came back.


So in between me first typing this and me scheduling this post, the internet DID go out for the whole campus. Instead of making us be creative, the higher powers sent us home. Which is fine and dandy…except I live on campus. Womp womp.

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One thought on “My Week Without Internet

  1. Aliyaaaa says:

    I read the article about the man who willingly went without internet…I think it’s a huge achievement that he even managed to do it. I would have cracked within days… such is my dependency!

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