My First Big Girl Vacation

I grew up in the sort of family where we went on one big vacation a year. It always happened coincide with my birthday, something I was NEVER a fan of. My mother would plan the whole thing and we’d get updates throughout the year at dinner. “We’re going to ___________.” A few weeks later…”We’re staying at _____________.” And so on. As we got closer, my mom would start mentioning all the “fun” things we could do in the area. “Oh look, a jazz ensemble will be performing!” While I enjoyed many of the places we went, I couldn’t wait to be the one in charge of planning a vacation where I could do all the things I wanted. (Granted, when I first had this thought I was maybe eight years old so my ideal vacation consisted of an indoor pool and mini golf.)

That time that I have eagerly awaited has finally arrived. I am planning my first REAL vacation. Now before this, I’ve traveled, but it’s been for conferences or I’ve roadtripped somewhere with friends and crashed on someone’s couch or floor. This is the real deal. I need to book flights and hotels and buy tickets for attractions. I’M SO EXCITED!!! I’m planning this vacation with my friends but the good news is that we’re basically all interested in the same things so agreeing on things to do on vacation will be easy.

I’m still using my mom for help…I don’t know how the woman does it but she finds the most ridiculous flight and hotel prices. I’ve never been in the room when she’s made the calls, so who knows, maybe she’s busting out the mafia princess card (if you knew her, you’d totally be laughing at this). And! For the first time, my mom and I actually agree that a non-stop flight makes the most sense. I’ve been saving money for this since around Christmas and thanks to my tax refund, I have enough money to book the trip! I’ll probably do that once I return from my next trip that involves me sleeping on a couch that may or may not have been found on the side of the road. Sigh.

Now that we’ve planned the main parts of the trip (where, when) we have to plan for the little details. We’re flying in from different corners of the country, so ideally our flights will arrive at the airport around the same time. I know that’s wishful thinking with delays and whatnot, but a girl can dream! Also, I need to watch my time off in the next few months so I’ll have enough for this trip. Luckily I know how be crafty with all my different types of leave (personal days, vacation, comp time…).

The best part is going to be sitting down and planning a rough itinerary! There are TONS of fun things to do where we’re going and we will be there during a holiday…tricky tricky!! But seriously, I can barely contain myself. I’m texting my friends about it right now. Not even sorry.

What sort of exciting things do you have for this upcoming year?

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