A Request…

So April has snuck up on me rather quickly. And I need to write my next installment of “So You’re In Grad School”. I know exactly what I’m going write about for the second year portion (since it is oh so fresh in my mind) but I have absolutely no idea what happened my first year. Seriously. SO. If anybody would like to help with that portion, please let me know by emailing me at collegeforeverever@gmail.com by Tuesday!

In other news. I’ve become addicted to “The Carrie Diaries” except I have one minor OKAY major problem with the show. Whoever the set designer/prop chooser person is REALLY needs to take a good hard look at the items they are using on the show. I swear, I’ve seen some of those outfits at Forever21. And in a recent episode, a person made a dumb joke about computers only for Carrie to whip out a 3 1/2 inch floppy which true story, I used to high school. I saw what floppies from the 80s looked like and let me tell you, there’s a reason they are called “floppy”.

That is a floppy disk from 2001.

This is the sort of floppy disk my grandfather used in his Apple //e.

Sorry about the rant…just something on my mind. Have a wonderful weekend!

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