Dear Taco Bell, Please Deliver!!

Attention all. It is lunch time. I should be at lunch, but clearly I am not. Where am I? In my office. Why? I KINDLY went out of my way to schedule a meeting with a student for lunch time. Where is that student? Nowhere to be found, of course. Typical.

While I try to keep news and political stories off my blog, I have a matter of extreme urgency that I must bring to your attention. An event that I have waited for since first hearing about the Doritos Locos Taco is here. My favorite taco (that sounds oddly sexual, for that I apologize) now comes in my favorite Doritos flavor – Cool Ranch.

My one true love.

Unfortunately, I am at work. Please, please, please can somebody bring me a taco? Now, I know I’m an anonymous blogger, so here’s how we’re going to solve that. Everybody reading this should bring their local Residence Life office some Doritos Locos COOL RANCH tacos. I’m sure Residence Life offices across the country will thank me as their offices become flooded with tacos.

Now seriously. Someone bring me a taco!!

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