Six Months Plus!

Somehow I managed to get SO busy that I completely missed my six month blogging anniversary. I think it’s a pretty big deal, so I’ll reflect on it now.

First off, I think it’s pretty impressive that I’ve kept at something for six months. It honestly might be longer than the “good part” of any relationship I’ve had…you know the part that’s all fun and games before you realize you’re dating an unemployed alcoholic that lives with his mom.

I mean…it could have been worse…


MOVING ON…I went from posting twice a week to posting three times a week and that has been pretty manageable. I’ve thought of increasing the amount of posts I do per week, but right now I do not have the time for that. Maybe in the summer? And then I wonder if I’ll have enough to say…

I’ve seen a slow but steady increase of traffic to my blog. I used to freak out when I had like more than five visitors to my blog…then I would get excited to see twenty. I think I wrote a post once that I was super psyched because I had my most views ever with I think it was something like 23? Last month I had a day with 70 views! I know some people see over a thousand people a week, but little ol’ me doesn’t get that much traffic. Actually, it took me nearly six months to reach 1000 views total but now, barely two months later I’m getting close to 2000!

I’m still afraid of being “revealed”. I had all these great ideas to submit to What Should We Call Student Affairs, but as I was going to submit them, I realized that I was going to submit them under the College Forever name but I had told my boss EXACTLY what the posts were going to be. Whoops. I also had the opportunity to link from a really popular blog BUT it included some identifying information so no link to this blog. I do have a dear friend that is starting a blog and she has asked me to write a guest entry and she has promised to keep me anonymous.

I would have a much cuter hat.

I would have a much cuter hat.

Thanks for reading and I LOVE reading what you have to say so keep on commenting and writing your own posts!!

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