2013 Goal Updates – February

Another month (already?!), another update on my goals. February was a short and very busy month for me. When I set out to write this post, I thought I was going to have to say how February was the month that I lost it, but I guess there’s always March for that.

Be More Organized

Shortly after I started working here, I bought myself a new planner but it was only this month that I finally started using it. I also did manage to go through some of my clothes! I invited a friend over and we went through my closet. I needed someone with me so they could talk me out of keeping things that I never wore or didn’t fit properly (read: everything that I still own from high school). There’s still a bag in my room that needs to get donated and I need to do it soon before I start digging things out from it!

Read More

This month, I managed to read two books. The first was “Total Frat Move” by W.R. Bolen. And yes, that is the same Total Frat Move as the website. The book was everything you’d expect it to be after visiting the site. Keep your friends close and enemies closer, right? Actually, some of the stories reminded me of the madness that was Undergrad U. The other book was “Girls in White Dresses” by Jennifer Close. I definitely plan on writing about this one. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and everybody has loved it! The book follows a group of friends for ten years after graduation. The stories seemed so familiar, as if the author wrote about me and my friends.

Schedule More Me Time

While February was the month of the infamous 100 Hour Work Week, I still managed to find some time to have fun. I went to some sporting events with friends and even planned a dinner! Also, I did take a day off to make up for the week from hell. I used the day to do things around the house and run errands which doesn’t sound fun, but it was stuff I had been putting off because of work.

Keep in Touch

I feel like I did a better job keeping up with people this month. I chatted with some friends from high school and even managed to see them during a visit to my parents. I also got to catch up with one of my closest friends from Undergrad U…unfortunately it was not for a good reason. Her boyfriend moved out (and in with another woman) AND she lost her job all within a two week span. She was pretty miserable at first, but she seems to be seeing the positive in all this now. I was going to try to visit her but then some little fish winter storm ruined those plans.

Be a Grown Up

This month I managed to find a doctor that is on my insurance plan and made an appointment all on my own. I feel so proud of myself. I still need to go to the dentist, but that is a scary, scary place. My big grown up challenge is going to be in March when I do taxes!

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One thought on “2013 Goal Updates – February

  1. Good stuff. I liked # 2 and #4. I really want to stay on reading, and connect with old (and current!) friends. Great post!

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