Continuing Education

On the first day of school every year (including college and grad school), my dad has told me the same thing – “be a sponge”. My dad just really wanted me to go out and there and learn everything. Just because I’ve stopped being a student doesn’t mean I have to stop learning.

One of the benefits of working at a college is that you get free tuition. Some schools have certain stipulations, like you need to have worked for x amount of months. Also, if a class is going to interfere with work obligations, you need to let your supervisor know. I’ve been thinking about enrolling in a language course or possibly a cooking class. There’s also a community college nearby that has a lot of evening course offerings, but I would need to pay for those classes.

Some of my friends have started talking about getting their doctorate. Whenever this topic comes, I am like, “What? More school?!?” and then I think lovingly back to when I was in kindergarten and thought you were done after 12th grade. Someday I do want to go back to school, but I just finished A LOT of it so I’ll hold off for now, thank you. Also, one thing that puts me off from it is that most of the schools with doctoral programs are large and I really enjoy working at a small school.

So what would I like to go back to school for? There are a few different routes I can see myself going. Law is definitely interesting to me. I could see myself either working for a school as in house counsel and working on things like policy and advising administrators or working on behalf of students. I had one friend who was an admissions counselor at a college and then became an admissions counselor at a prestigious private K-12 school. Maybe returning to school to get some sort of degree that would allow me to work as a guidance counselor or some sort of administrator in the K-12 area? If you think about it, I’m going to be working for the next twenty-ish years, so I have a lot of ground I can cover in that time.

Outside of education, things I would like to learn more about include cooking and stuff like web design. The awesome thing about living with all this technology is that it is easier to do than ever before. Want to learn how to do a certain hairstyle? Youtube. Looking for 96 Crock Pot Meals you can prep in four hours? Pinterest. What sort of things are you interested in learning more about?

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One thought on “Continuing Education

  1. Cindie says:

    I am also considering pursuing my doctorate. I don’t want to be a professor, so I’m considering an executive Ed.D. program when my experience lines up with those qualifications (who knows, maybe one day I can be a college president? At a small school though!).

    Language classes are the perfect course to take, I think. I bought a Rosetta stone knockoff but I think I might start with Span 101 in the Fall semester. I’ve never taken Spanish before, and if I stay at this job for two or three years, I can get through 101-302 for cheap!

    Would you have the option of auditing the course? I was thinking about that too. I don’t really *need* to receive grades or a transcript if it’s just for personal fulfillment, and auditing courses is way cheaper. Something to consider!

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