How to Dress Yourself in the Morning

Recently, the northeast had some really cold weather. The forecasters on TV tried to freak us out by saying it was the coldest we’ve had in “years” but let’s be serious, last winter was practically considered a heat wave. So yes, it is the coldest weather in “years”. Technically.

Anywho. One thing that completely baffles me is that my students – my fully grown, legal adult college students – do not know how to properly dress for the weather. Seriously. The temperature was below zero one morning and I saw students walking to class wearing hoodies. HOODIES. I wear hoodies on chilly summer nights!

Now I am no stranger to the cold. Undergrad U was located somewhere that was rather well known for its snow. I quickly learned that there were days that it was just too cold to look cute. That sometimes you have to give up on your hair because its just going to get squashed under a hood or hat. More often than not, I looked like the little kid from “A Christmas Story” when walking to class.

During those Undergrad U days, I had a pledge sister that without fail would instant message me each morning asking what she should wear. It wasn’t like she was from some place warm and didn’t know how to handle cold weather. Fro some reason she couldn’t make the connection between the temperature and what that would feel like. Like the older and wiser pledge sister I was, I made sure she was always appropriately dressed for the weather.

Some cold weather tricks I’ve learned…ALWAYS cover your head or at the very least, your ears. The first time I walked across campus in the cold without my ears covered and then sat inside for a few minutes, I honestly thought I had suddenly come down with a double ear infection it hurt so bad. Sweatpants over your normal pants is a much better choice that wearing something warm under your normal pants. Why? Well, for starters you won’t need to go to the bathroom to remove the extra layer. Also, if its snowing or raining, the top layer will be what gets wet, not the bottom layer. Don’t forget to think of your shoes! I have found it is much more important for my feet to be dry than to be warm. If you can do both, great, but if you have to choose one, go with dry. There is nothing worse than stepping in a slushy puddle and feeling the water soak all the way through your nice warm Ugg boots and into your socks.

One last thing! I know may of you have smart phones – make sure you have a great weather app, one that lets you see radar maps and hourly forecasts. These are a lifesaver year round. My personal favorite is Weatherbug.

What are some weather tips you abide by?

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2 thoughts on “How to Dress Yourself in the Morning

  1. I love this. It’s so true. I always shake my head at those adults in weather-inappropriate clothing, like Ugg boots with a mini skirt. Warm footwear will do no good if your legs are completely exposed!

  2. latteissues says:

    haha yes! I completely agree. But I always tend to bundle up so much that I end up sweating. Ya just can’t win, can you?

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