How I Spent My Evening

I know in the next few weeks, things are going to be crazy in BOTH of my offices. A final push to get ready for Greek Week, Greek Awards, and Initiations from one, RA and Housing Selection from the other. I know last time things got crazy, I threatened to stop blogging for a bit…but I think I maybe missed one post. I’m obviously great at follow through.

To prepare for the busy weeks ahead, I went through the ol’ blogging binder. Yes, I have a binder for that too. I keep a running list of ideas and the “status” of each idea. My original plan for the evening was to get some outlines for ideas that I’ve had sitting around…but that turned into writing…and the next thing you know I had edited a bunch of posts and outlined others and scheduled a few.

So yes, I spent the evening writing, eating Chinese food, and singing along to the “Love Songs” Pandora station. Maybe I have been reading too many Candace Bushnell novels… But the good news is that while I’m running around my campus like a crazy person, you’ll still have new reading material coming to you three days a week.

Happy reading!

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