2013 Goals

Yes, yes, I know, 2013 started a week ago. So much for that “no more procrastinating” goal I was going to mention…but seriously, better late than never, right?

I’ve never sat down and thought about New Year’s Resolutions before. Yeah, everybody at some point in their life says that they’re going to lose weight and eat healthy and be a better person, but by February they’re back to being their over-indulgent sloppy selves (I’ve never seen so many people running in my town as I did when I was driving to brunch on New Year’s Day). Been there, done that. This is the first year in a LONG time that I don’t have school deadlines being a priority in my life, so I’ve decided to make some rather broad goals.

Be More Organized

Yes, I am a rather organized person. I pride myself on that. However, up until now my organization has been mainly with creating systems and calendars that work for me. I can find a file on my computer in no time. Finding a matching set of socks in my room…that’s another story. One thing I want to do is go through my clothes and get rid of things that just don’t fit or are out of style. I have a TON of event t-shirts from college and grad school so I’ve been tossing the idea of making a t-shirt quilt (or pay someone to make it for me). It’s one thing for me to clean my apartment…it’s another to have it stay cleaned and organized! The same goes for my office and my car.

Read More

When I first started this blog, I had a huge list of books I wanted to read and write about. Then I’m not sure what happened, I probably got distracted by something shiny. While a book a week sounds a little too ambitious, a book a month sounds like a great way to get started. Now to pick a book for this month…any suggestions?

Schedule More Me Time

I guess this can go with the top two…about halfway through the semester I realized that the only time I was ever going to get through my inbox was to literally schedule “email time” using Outlook and close my door so students couldn’t come in. In order to organize my apartment, I’m going to need to write it down on a calendar, not just wait until I have a free minute. I also need to learn to become okay with taking me time. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going out when invited and then one of two things will happen – I’ll either go out and be miserable thinking about all the stuff I could be doing at home OR I’ll stay home and then feel bad for having let somebody down.

Keep in Touch

Now more than ever my friends are scattered around the country. Everybody is working and keeping busy which is great because it means my friends are finally starting to understand the concept of planning ahead. One of my friends from my sorority and I are talking about planning a real vacation together (we want to go to Disney) for the fall and I want to start looking into that (flights, hotels, tickets, etc) so we can save up and hopefully make reservations and go! On a smaller scale, I would like to try to see at least one out of town friend each month. I think I’ll start this month with a friend who only lives two hours away…possibly a day trip!

Be a Grown Up

I’m not talking about being responsible or boring…but there are some regular grown up things that I’ve been putting off…like re-registering my car and scheduling my regular dentist appointment (terrifying). I’ve gotten pretty good at paying my bills on time and even did a good job at keeping a budget until Christmas hit. This year I want to review my budget and maybe add a few things to start saving towards (like the previously mentioned vacation).

What are some of your goals or resolutions for this year?

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