2012 in Review

I have this bizarre obsession with year end lists. I can spend all day online reading about the ten best songs, viral videos, and weird news stories. I can (and do) use my iTunes to create my own year end list of my favorite songs of the year. The past few years, I’ve been a big fan of the DJ Earworm mash ups because he puts together an entire year end list…in one song!

2012 was a pretty big year for me. I graduated from grad school which is honestly something I had never envisioned doing in the first place. I also got my first “real” job…the type with a salary AND benefits! I think it was a year I learned a lot about myself, especially once I moved to a place where I knew no one and didn’t have the “college student” lifestyle to rely on for fun times. So without further ado (definitely had to look up spelling for that simple little word), here is my 2012 in review!


In January, my cohort received our scores for the comprehensive exams we took at the end of the fall semester and not only did I pass, I had a perfect score!! Finding out the news was the best, especially because I had two of my friends visiting when I found out. We promptly went out “celebrating” even though it was noon. It was one of my favorite days in grad school by far!


At the very last minute, I decided to go to a regional job search conference to practice for TPE. Honestly, that’s all I saw it as when I signed up. I had no plans to stay in the area…earlier in the year I realized that this was the only chance I was going to have to just go wherever I wanted without being tied down by a family and such. The conference was a great experience and got me ready for TPE and it found me a job, but more on that later!


In the beginning of March I headed to Phoenix for TPE which was absolute insanity. I interviewed for so many jobs and they were all over the country. Just being there was motivating and I made friends with some grad school students from the Midwest that I still talk to today. Shortly after the conference, two of my family members passed away and that made me realize that I didn’t want to be on the other side of the country. I felt bad, but I had to decline on campus interview offers from schools in Arizona and California.


In April I had a slew of on campus job interviews that I had lined up from my regional conference. I was nervous for the first one but they weren’t as scary as I had imagined them to be. I also enjoyed all the traveling because I was able to see friends that lived in those areas. If I felt bad declining an interview in March, that was nothing compared to how I felt declining a job offer. In my heart I knew the school wasn’t right for me and that I wouldn’t be happy there. Still, I didn’t tell people about it until recently. If I had told my parents that I was turning down a job offer I probably would have been strangled by my parents. “In this economy?!?”


In May I completely restarted my job search. The past two months I had learned more about what I wanted compared to what I didn’t want and made sure that I was only applying to jobs that I truly wanted. I wound up with some more on campus interviews…I was going with those right up until graduation! And then, literally the day after graduation, I received a job offer from a job that had been my number one choice! So, May was a great month. Plus I spent a lot of time a the beach which is always great.


Shortly after packing up my apartment at Grad School State, I moved to PDFM U and started working. I also got to buy furniture and pick paint colors for my apartment. Very grown up.


Back when I was hired, I had already worked out taking some time off to visit friends and family in July. First I had my family reunion which was wonderful. I spent pretty much the whole weekend on the boat. The next weekend was my friends’ annual summer retreat which we decided to have on the Atlantic Ocean this year. This was the first year that all of us were alum since one of my best friends decided to take a “Victory Lap” at Undergrad U.


Even though I had already been working for two months, I honestly didn’t feel like I had started a new job until the students arrived. I was excited for there to be life on campus and I love (most) of the student leaders I work with. I’ve missed them the past few weeks! I also started making new friends. I first made friends with people that work at PDFM U but eventually I branched out.


Thanks to a comment from a lovely blog reader, I decided to join Junior League. It’s been a fun experience so far and in the next few months I am taking on more responsibilities. I also got to see quite a bit of my sorority sisters in September, first for a bridal shower, and then for a weekend with my sorority family in which we did “grown up” things, like attend a glass blowing class and a gallery opening.


The biggest thing I did in October was head back to Undergrad U for a big sorority event…but in my free time got to reconnect with some old friends! My benefits fully kicked in too which meant I was FINALLY starting to earn my vacation days.


November was quite a busy month. Two of my close friends from college married each other (awww) so I got to attend their beautiful wedding and see a lot of my old neighbors that lived in the fraternity house next door. I also went to my first conference as a professional. I’m looking forwards to the next one!


December wasn’t quite as fun. Some terrible things happened at home and I had the flu. But, I did get to go home for a week and see friends and family and cuddle with my puppy for basically the entire week…I did pry myself away from her to go see Les Mis.

I’m excited to see what 2013 brings and excited to always have this post to look back on. What was your favorite moment of 2012?

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