…Now Where Was I?

Sorry to leave you all hanging the past few weeks! Today is my first “normal” day at work since December 13th. The 14th was anything but normal, that weekend I disappeared (it was planned, but NEEDED) and I made it a long weekend by taking Monday off, and then I returned with the flu. Worst. Week. Ever. But, it gets better! With some clever use of my soon-to-expire days off combined with PDFM U’s holiday schedule, I wound up being able to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off. Yes, some of that time was spent recovering from the flu (no energy), a lot of it was spent with friends and family.

Due to recent events at home, there were some not-so-fun things about my vacation that didn’t revolve around my fever. Everywhere I went, there were sad reminders and Christmas just wasn’t the same. There was so much traffic from people trying to see roadside memorials and from reporters trying to interview everybody. My mom’s cousin passed away in a car accident and she said there were reporters creeping outside the funeral home. That’s sick. But there were also amazing things…Newtown had to tell people to stop sending donations because they had TOO MUCH and were overwhelmed…so thank you, rest of the country and rest of the world!

One of my most favorite things I did during my time off was head into Manhattan for a day. Now, living close to NYC means that this isn’t a foreign concept to me. What was new this time is that I didn’t have a plan…yes, super-organized Type A me went somewhere without an intinerary! I met up with a friend to see a museum exhibit (that was planned) but once that was finished, I set off on my own and went exploring. That was also new to me – usually I was with people and did things they wanted to do. This time, I got to do whatever I wanted. Duck into a store? Sure. Look up random places on Yelp for food? Why, of course. It was so freeing!

I also spent a lot of time catching up with my home friends. Everybody has “real” jobs now and so many people are in serious relationships…some even married with kids! It was strange to go out and have everybody want to leave before closing time because we were tired. My friends and I used to be the last people out. It was great to hear that everybody was so happy though…all of my friends like their “real” jobs which is a complete 180 from when we all worked at the mall. Maybe growing up isn’t so terrible?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season – no matter what you celebrate! There’s going to be some New Year’s-esque entries soon…better late than never! Happy 2013!

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