Keeping in Touch

So since season seven of How I Met Your Mother was just added to Netflix, I’ve been re-watching the entire season. Great use of my time. In one of the episodes, Ted talks about how life was different before the internet. The show went as far as to show all the characters at their bar sitting at their booth just all on their phones. How many times have we seen that exact scenario? I frequently think how different my college experience would have been if cell phones, texting, and Facebook didn’t exist.

Recently, I logged onto Facebook to see a long status from one of my childhood friends with lots of likes and comments. Now, this was around the time of the election so I almost just scrolled past it thinking it was some political rant, but a few key words caught my eye. My friend had been diagnosed with cancer. She was about about to go under the knife for some MAJOR surgery. It was at that moment I both loved and hated Facebook.

Since moving away from the town I went to high school in, I’ve come to the realization that I suck at keeping in touch. There are so many people that I was so close to that I don’t even talk to anymore. I understand that this is a normal part of growing up, but I sometimes wonder if I would do a better job at keeping in touch if I had to make more of an effort. Instead of calling a friend to see what’s new, I can easily go on Facebook. Still dating so-and-so? Yep. Oh look, they moved to a new apartment! If Facebook didn’t exist, would I call these people to get their life updates?

To be fair, I’m not the only one that sucks at this. I rarely call my friends, they rarely call me. If I have a long car ride and remember my trusty headset, I try to catch up with my closest friends then, but sometimes they just don’t have the time for it. We’re the generation that grew up instant messaging each other while doing homework. Texting through class. We can multitask in so many ways…but we are unable to hold a phone conversation.

I also have this whole other rant that thanks to cell phones and text messaging everybody sucks at making plans, but I can save that for another post.

What’s your preferred method of communication in this day and age?

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