The New Normal

Remember how in elementary school when you got a new kid in your class, for the longest time they would be known as “the new kid”? Well, at some point they stopped being the new kid and by the time you’re in high school, you can’t imagine your class without that person. Or maybe you were the new kid. And eventually you stopped referring to it as “my new house” and just started calling it “home”.

Except Gus…he’s always the new kid.

A big joke for me is “when do I get to stop saying I’m new here?” Even though PDFM U is rather small, I’m constantly meeting people that don’t know who I am, whether it’s a student, staff member, or a national Greek organization representative. I know someday I won’t have to tell people that I’m the new blah blah blah, but I’m sure by that point I’ll be about to move onto my next job and the poor soul that takes my job will be the new kid.

However, this place has started to feel like home. I’ve caught myself referring to my apartment as “home”. There’s been a few times where I’ve wanted to do something here, but because I wasn’t on call, I had already made plans to flee the state.

There have been other signs of all this becoming normal. I have a hair salon here. That probably sounds completely normal, but up until last month, I was driving over two hours to my old hair salon. So I have a hair salon and a regular grocery store. Normal, local things.

I also am starting to navigate my way around without a GPS. When I first moved to Grad School State, I swear I used my GPS for the first six months just to get to the grocery store. And it’s not like I’m just going to places I always go. I look at an address and realize it’s near some place I know and just say YOLO and get in the car and go. There’s only been a few times that I’ve had to have my faithful assistant, Siri, rescue me.

When did you start to feel at home in your job or new city?

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2 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Hera says:

    “When did you start to feel at home in your job or new city?”

    Wow, what a relevant question for my life right now. I started feeling at home in my new job (first post-grad job) and new city about a week before I was fired. Now I’m subletting my apartment and moving back to my hometown.

    The situation as kind of made me feel like never relaxing because when you do, bad things happen, but I know I’ll eventually adjust my attitude.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that that happened to you. I have a close friend who went through a similar experience. I also had to return home for a period of time and I think it was the one place that there never was a “normal” – maybe because I had already lived there once before? Maybe because like you I did not want to relax?

      I hope you do get to enjoy some of your time at home and that you find a new job quickly!

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