Up All Night

Last week, I found myself running around like crazy one evening. The work day was LONG over, but I had to attend a meeting, go to an event, stop by an organization’s new member education session, drop something off at a house, and go to a program. Even typing that was tiring! But you know what, I didn’t mind!

I was an incredibly busy college student once I got involved in all my activities. Looking back, I honestly don’t know when I had time for sleep. Or homework. How did I get the grades I got?? In all seriousness, a typical day for me involved waking up at 7 am so I could be ready for class or work at 8 am and then spending pretty much all day on campus, going to the library in between class/work to do homework. I would finish with class at 10 pm or work at 11 pm. If I didn’t have a late class or work the night shift, I finished usually around 6 or so but then had club meetings which still kept me on campus til 10 or 11. Then I’d get food with friends and hang out with them. Insanity!

I like staying busy and I like what I do. I’m sure that if my evening had consisted of going to visit the rooms of students being written up, I would not have been as happy. I hear a lot of my entry-level twenty-something friends complain about their jobs. They hate going there, they hate being there, god forbid their boss asks them to stay late… What are my biggest complaints? Sometimes I have to stay around here on weekends. It’s not the end of the world.

Overall, I feel a lot of my student affairs colleagues feel the same way and we’re a pretty happy bunch. I’m glad I (eventually) figured out what I wanted to do with my life!

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