No School!

As an adult, I still get excited to see that classes are cancelled. It brings me back to my elementary school days where I would sit watch the names of schools scroll across the bottom of the screen, keeping my fingers crossed that mine would be one of them. And once I saw the name go by, I would jump up and dance around. It’s the ultimate good news when you’re a kid.

Undergrad U only closed once the entire time I was there. State Grad U seemed a little more afraid of the weather and closed more frequently. I loved it. It meant I had more time to work on the overwhelming amount homework I had…or more likely, lay around in my pajamas all day. If the closing was announced in advance, that meant we were having a party. Heck, if we didn’t close in advance, we’d party anyway and hope for the best.

My school cancelled classes but we did not shut down our residence halls. Student me would have loved it, but professional me hated it for the exact same reason student me would have loved it. Luckily, there were none of those sort of issues. There really weren’t many issues on campus at all. The parking lot looked rather empty…maybe those that had gone home for the weekend just stayed there?

Unfortunately, a day with no classes doesn’t mean a day with no work. I was on duty. I live where I work. And we need to plan things to distract students from doing things like throwing hurricane parties. So instead of laying in bed all day, I have to host programs that are attended by nobody. That, my friends, is how “snow days” differ when you are an adult.

I’m glad my school didn’t see that much damage. I hope the rest of you are safe!!

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