Homecoming? Come home!

As you read this, I will already be in a car heading towards my wonderful home sweet home, UNDERGRAD U!!! Woohoo! I haven’t been back in about six months, so I’m pretty excited.

*not my actual sorority houes

What I’m sure my welcoming committee will look like.

I mentioned in a previous post that sometimes I feel hypocritical working with students. I’ll impose a new policy or sanction as part of my job, but if I hear that nearly the exact same thing is happening at UU, I get mad. In the previous post, I mentioned a fraternity being kicked off campus. I was a little upset about that, but I also saw their point…that particular fraternity was ALWAYS on the verge of being kicked off. More recently, two campus traditions have ended, one because it was “dangerous” and the other because it was “hazing”. Now, I know hazing is a serious issue, but the reason its in quotes here is because UU takes any complaint a student has and turns it into a hazing charge. Nothing I can change about that though…at least I don’t go there anymore?

People keep asking me if I’m ever going to get a job at UU. People have been asking me this ever since I mentioned that I wanted to go into student affairs. I don’t want to say never but a lot of people still need to graduate before I’d even consider it. As a professional working at a school, you have to be on your best behavior in front of students. I sometimes might not be on my best behavior in front of friends still attending the school. I have several coworkers at my current job that went here for undergrad…homecoming is just around the corner and they are lamenting the fact that they can’t go tailgate or to any of the “fun” activities.

I actually once almost took a professional job at UU. It would have been in ResLife and it would have been supervising the residence halls that all my friends were assigned to live in for the following year. I immediately saw that would not end well, so I chose to leave the lovely city where UU is completely. As much as I would love to be close to my friends (most stayed in the area after graduation), I don’t want to constantly be looking over my shoulder to make sure that a student is not at the same bar as me or has wandered into the party.

Some of the fun things on my agenda this weekend – family dinner, meeting the newest member of my sorority family line (!!!), crafts, brunch, and showing UU to my friend that’s coming along for the ride.

Would you ever work at your alma mater? If you already do, what sort of policies boundaries are set for you by the school? What do you personally put in place? Leave your answers in the comments and have a wonderful weekend!!

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