Simply Exhausted

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m running on empty. It’s not that I’ve been overwhelmed or busy with work, it’s almost the opposite. Things are kind of…*knock on wood*…slow. I literally am sitting in my apartment right now with absolutely NO motivation to do anything. I’m not even hungry. Maybe I’m getting sick or something…

I don’t actually thing that’s it. I think it’s that point in the semester where schoolwork and social activities would normally be picking up and keeping me busy, but I don’t have those anymore. At the same time, the start of school rush is over. I’ve met a lot of the students, I’m not running around campus encouraging people to join activities. I’m tired because I’m bored. This is ridiculous.

Last time I hit a lull like this, I started this blog. Earlier when I said I had no motivation I was kind of lying. I am happy to have the time to write some more. Maybe all this writing will get my excited and then I’ll want to go to the gym…

So, you experiences SA professionals out there, how do you get through the “slow times”? I know they are few and far between, but seriously, I nearly fell asleep at my desk today.

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One thought on “Simply Exhausted

  1. […] semester, I wrote a post about being in a mid-semester slump and feeling exhausted. That was NOTHING compared to how I felt going into this past weekend. […]

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