Upgrading Your Wardrobe: Fall Edition

Everywhere I turn, my friends are talking about “Sweater Weather” and how they are sooooo excited to wear leggings. Oh leggings, how I shed a tear for thee. I haven’t quite figured out how to wear leggings in a work-appropriate way. Please help me.

Back in the summer, I did a post about upgrading your wardrobe. It was not season-specific, but touched on some basic points. I think I did okay for summer. I wore cute dresses with cardigans over them. Summer’s easy. I miss summer. Okay, not really. I hate heat and humidity.


Sweater weather IS better weather. I have plenty of sweaters and I cannot wait to break them out. It’s still a bit too warm for that. One of my favorite sweaters ever is the Jackie cardigan from J Crew. It comes in tons of colors and is perfect for throwing over a plain tee or cami to dress it up a bit. I was so upset that my size was sold out in the color I wanted when I went to the store the other day. Long sleeve button downs are also great in the fall!


I have these dress pants that I bought when I was in undergrad because I needed nice pants in a hurry. They are cheap and they are too long and I hate them. I have now started to replace them with pants that FIT. Unfortunately this sometimes means buying pants that say “short” on the label…*grumble grumble*…but I’d much rather buy pants that say short than be forced to teeter around in heels all day! A recent favorite of mine are pencil skirts. I also managed to find a cute patterned skirt at LOFT the other day. And, as I mentioned earlier, I LOVE leggings. I just wish I knew how to wear them to work.


Well it’s starting to get too cold to avoid my boss due to slightly inappropriate footwear. It’s also too warm to wear boots. (Side note: I also don’t know how to wear boots with a dress or skirt without looking like a street walker) Right now I’ve been rocking a lot of flats and my trusty go to boat shoes.


Scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves, scarves!! I’m so excited that it’s finally cool enough to wear scarves. There’s one I’ve had my eye on this one forever but I need to wait until it goes on sale. Also, how cute is this?

What are some staple items in your fall wardrobe? And more importantly, how can I wear leggings to work??

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One thought on “Upgrading Your Wardrobe: Fall Edition

  1. twyf says:

    I love chambray button downs, and while they were a staple of my summer wardrobe, I’ve been able to transition them into a professional look for my fall wardrobe. I wear it under a light-weight dark grey sweater with rolled cuffs, black wide-leg pants (skinny leg pants could also work), and topped with a simple pearl necklace. I’m not sure how to wear leggings at work as “pants,” but you could definitely wear them under a sweater dress when it gets a bit chillier out. Until then, I’d recommend dark opaque tights, or even a cool pattern (I have a charcoal houndstooth pair that I love!) with your boots and skirts/dresses.

    Also, I’m in love with my Sperry’s. They were my grad school graduation gift to myself.

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