Two Months!

Well this is a few days late, but it’s been two months since my blog went live. I’m really proud of myself for keeping it up for this long. I know that sounds sad, but not many of my friends know I’m doing this, so I’m kind of lacking in real life support.

What’s changed this past month? Well, for the LONGEST time I had two days in July tied for “busiest” but I finally broke that. I also started posting three times a week instead of two. I think I’ll keep with that schedule until I turn into a major blogging superstar. Don’t wanna give up my day job, ya know??

Probably the best day ever was when I woke up and checked my stats and saw that somebody had searched for me on Google. They had searched for “college forever wordpress”. So happy!

So thanks everybody for reading! Stay tuned for more entertaining stories of what happens when you stay in college forever.


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