What My Parents Think I Do

Awhile back, there were all these Facebook posts about what people in various professions did and how others thought of them.

Remember these bad boys?

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in that last panel. For the most part, my job seems to consist of hitting my head against a wall and shaking my head while reading emails.

The majority of my friends understand what I do because they either are a student affairs professional or were in college recently enough to know what goes on. You know who has absolutely no idea what I do? My parents. They also have no idea while I get paid so little, but that’s a different entry. Below are some of the things my parents think I do (along with sarcastic things I either have said to them or wish I could say to them).

My parents think I work for admissions.

This is something my parents would probably understand. Also, admissions is what got me into this profession in the first place. However, my mom spent way too much of my graduate school career telling her friends that I was majoring in “admissions”.

My parents still think I’m a tour guide.

Every so often, my mom will ask if I had to give a tour recently. No mom, I haven’t given any tours in four years.

My parents think I’m an RA.

Or more correctly, the house mother at a 1950’s era boarding school. My mom also thought that is what RAs were when I was a freshman. She literally asked if they did bed checks. In front of like half my floor. I was mortified.

My parents think I’m a baby sitter.

They’ll ask me what I did with my residents while I was on call. “Well, first we went to the park, then watched Dora the Explorer, then had ice cream!” No.

My parents think I’m a cop.

This is more from my dad than my mom. He asks if I “bust parties” and “scare kiddies”. If only…

My parents think I’m a student.

Whenever I talk about being lonely, my mom tells me that I’ll have so much fun once the “other” students arrive. I always have to remind my mom that I work here, I can’t go to socials and parties with the students.

My parents give up and don’t ask questions about work.

Yep. This happens.

How do you explain to others what you do? Is anybody else’s family as clueless as mine can be?

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One thought on “What My Parents Think I Do

  1. […] working in ResLife. I don’t want to make her sound completely ignorant. We all know that my parents (still) have no idea what I do and half the time I’m not even too sure. So when she was unsure of if I assigned students to […]

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