So Call Me Maybe?

I like to consider myself ahead of the curve technologically-speaking. I was one of the first fifteen people in line for an iPhone at my local Apple store back on June 29, 2007. I willingly switched to timeline on Facebook. I have yet to embrace Google+, but my rationale for that is none of my friends use it either.

One of my friends was in my office earlier this summer when I got an email which caused seemingly three hundred different beeps around the office. She started laughing and asked how I kept up with everything. I’ll admit, the notifications can be annoying. Anybody remember the episode of The Office with WUPHF?

What devices did I have as a student?

Well, let’s see, when I started undergrad NOBODY my age had a smart phone. I went to school with a laptop and a cell phone that called people. That’s it. Also, there was no wireless in the residence halls and barely any in the classrooms. Those were some dark times. By the time I graduated, I had upgraded my laptop and had been through many, many phones. In grad school, I purchased an iPad that was to accompany me to conferences and on-campus interviews. I also wound up using it to take notes in class and staff meetings.

What devices do I use as a professional?

I personally own an iPhone, iPad, and desktop computer. My job provided a laptop with a docking station in my office and a cell phone for work-purposes. I use my iPad for work a lot…taking notes at staff meetings and training, emailing people when I’m on the go. I haven’t been undocking my laptop to haul it around too much.

One thing I worry about is my dependence on technology and how much I need to rely on it for work. Whenever I’m going to be somewhere for an extended amount of time that has iffy cell phone coverage, I worry about who might be trying to contact me. Usually nobody calls me, but I swear, whenever I am away from my phone for sometime, that’s when people call. We had two days with no internet here earlier this summer. Nothing got accomplished. So many of our systems are online that even a simple question from a phone call was difficult to answer.

For those of you iPad users out there, what are some apps you recommend? What are some devices you could not imagine life without?

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2 thoughts on “So Call Me Maybe?

  1. eliseblalock says:

    My absolute favorite app is called Houzz. It’s not work related at all but it can keep me occupied for hours. I’m also digging the new Pinterest app. Other ones I commonly use are TripIt, AllRecipes, and for GRE prep IntelliVocab.

  2. Cindie says:

    I was just thinking about wireless on campus the other day. I was connecting to our campus wifi on my phone and realized that, when I was a freshmen, a selling point for my dorm was that it had wireless! I can’t imagine any dorms at this point not having it!

    Glad you commented on my blog so I could discover yours! Officially following on WordPress. Best of luck in the upcoming academic year!

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