Something Old, Something New

I saw a post on Facebook recently that read “‘I went to Target and found nothing I liked,’ said nobody ever.”

Amen to whoever came up with that. It seems that every time I run in there “just real quick” I wind up spending forty five minutes and a hundred dollars. My most recent Target adventure was to pick up a copy of a magazine and pillow case and I wound up leaving with new dresses, sunglasses, and a big floppy hat.

As I watch new students unloading their cars with matching dorm room essentials and nifty color-coordinated containers to organize their belongings, I’m always a little envious. I want my apartment and office to be filled with colorful, matching, adorable things! I want new stuff! Clearly, the right way to go about solving this is to drive off to Target and load my cart up with new accessories in this year’s hot color. Oh? It’s not?

One aspect of college that high-school-me was excited for was the ability to start fresh. To move somewhere where nobody knew your name, where people didn’t know your embarrassing moments from years past. To be able to meet new people and start new classes. And to buy new stuff.

Even though as professionals we’re not moving into new dorm rooms each year, the start of a new school year does give us a chance to shake things up. You will meet new students in your organizations and they might come in with fresh ideas. You have the chance to improve on programs from the previous year. As the year starts, take some time to get your office back into shape. You don’t necessarily need to run off to a big box store to buy new storage bins and binders. Take a look around not only your own office, but look around the department. There might be some things tucked away in a closet that you can re-purpose to suit your needs.

What are some start of school rituals you have in place?

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