Crafting (Part 2)

Towards the end of July, I realized it was almost “Birthday Season” – the month that the majority of my close friends and I are born in. It was also at this point that I realized I hadn’t even TOUCHED the plastic carts that held my crafting supplies since my last apartment. I went to see what I had lying around only to find the drawers a mess. Everything had shifted during the move. Also, my crafting supplies were split between three different carts.

I decided to go through everything and organize it so it could fit into two stackable carts. I wound up throwing away several paint brushes, old glitter glues that had separated, and a broken picture frame. I also discovered that I had three bottles of the exact same red paint and a TON of coloring books from when I used to baby sit. I sorted things into piles and then began loading the drawers.

There was more than this, my piles didn’t fit in one frame!

One thing I was sure to do was to create a project drawer for things that were in progress, that way (once they were dry) they weren’t laying all over my apartment and I knew that I couldn’t start anything else if it was full.

After a few days of painting EVERYTHING, I realized that trying to use my desk as a computer space/eating area/craft studio was a terrible, terrible idea. Ideally, I needed a crafting room where I could have a table and shelves and drawers and plenty of light. Clearly, that’s not an option in my current living situation.

You know what was an option? Going to Goodwill and buying a table to fit in an empty corner of my living room. Luckily, I had a friend that lived near Goodwill to help me do some heavy lifting. I now have a space to craft happily.

Other things I plan to do in my free time besides crafting: practicing guitar, going to the gym, and re-watching every episode of Arrested Development. What are some other hobbies people have?

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