Crafting (Part One)

Crafting was a foreign concept to me until I joined my sorority. Even then, when I first saw girls’ rooms filled with crafts, my first thought was “what is all this crap?” Once I got handmade gifts from my big, my attitude changed. When I got a little, I was so excited to make things, but I had no clue what I was doing and I didn’t spend a summer preparing. As a result, I’m not the most proud of the gifts I gave her, but she still has them on display for all the world to see so I guess she likes them.

Crafting isn’t something that has to stay in the sorority house and you don’t have to be the most talented person in the world to craft something. As long as you know your limits when planning a project, you can make wonderful gifts for all sorts of people. Custom picture frames are great for someone going off to college. Refinishing furniture is perfect for a nursery. Custom coolers are quickly becoming a staple of fraternity and sorority life at many colleges. In the student affairs world (trying to stay relevant here) you can make door decs for your RAs or residents if you’re a nice person. You can help an organization you advise make posters or large Greek letters. You can make office decorations or create an organization system that looks pretty.

Some of the things I mentioned above are things I’ve done. Custom picture frames are one of my signature gifts. They are so easy and everybody loves them! My mom always complained about the blank walls in our hallway, but never took the time to organize our family photos or print any since the invention of the digital camera. I bought all sorts of different frames as well as a wooden monogram, painted everything the same color, put pictures in all the frames, and hung them on the wall while she was out shopping on Christmas Eve Day. She was so happy to see all of it! Another gift I recently made was a mirror with the thick border painted and with a quote written on it. An upcoming project is to adventure into scrapbooking for the first time…

What are some of your go-to crafts? What are some other great crafts for student affairs?

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One thought on “Crafting (Part One)

  1. My go to crafts are canvases with quotes relevant to my life or the life of the person I’m giving them to! For holidays, I paint little wooden ornament shapes from Michael’s, monogram them, and hang them on their door! My current favorite is painting chevrons on the $1 frames at Michaels.

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