TBT – That Night at The Cheesecake Factory

The great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do. They’ll also be the things that happen to you. Now, I’m not saying you can’t take action to affect the outcome of your life. You have to take action. And you will! But never forget, that on any day, you could step out the front door, and your whole life could change forever.

The above quote is from only one of the greatest shows on television, How I Met Your Mother. I kept trying out ways to start this entry, but it turns out that Ted Moseby makes more sense than I do. Well, except for the fact it’s taking seven years for him to tell his children the story of how he met their mother…but that’s probably an entry for a different type of blog.

Both of the times I was invited to go on trips during my time as a student employee at my undergrad’s admissions office, I did not stop and consider what it meant for future-me. I was more concerned about the chance to go somewhere awesome with some of my friends and talk to prospective students. So, after a long day of travel and speaking with students, when we picked what restaurant to go to, it didn’t seem like a life changing decision.

So I’m sitting in the Cheesecake Factory eating a burrito that’s literally the size of my forearm (there’s a picture floating around on Facebook to prove this) and all of the sudden it hits me that these two admissions officers that are with me are real, live, paid professionals. They do what I love doing except for more than minimum wage. It was on that lovely night however many years ago that I realized the student affairs profession exists.

This is kind of how that moment felt.

All of this relates to the above quote so well. I hadn’t purposely sought out the admissions job because I wanted to help people or anything. I needed a job and once they found out I could walk backwards pretty well, the office liked me. It wasn’t until I had been there awhile that I realized that I liked what I was doing. I took the opportunities that came to me and did something with them. I could have just enjoyed my free trip and large burrito, but after that moment, I began investigating how I could one day have a job in student affairs. I read things online, I asked all of the admissions officers how they got their start.

Do any of you have a defining moment that put you on track for where you are today? Tell me about it in the comments! One of the things I loved about grad school was hearing how all my classmates (and professors) tripped, fell, and landed in student affairs. Everybody’s story is so different!

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