The World’s a Roller Coaster

…and I am not strapped in. Those lovely words from a song off one of my favorite CDs can sum up how I’ve felt the past week. Suddenly, I feel busy. I have so many meetings to go and they are all about planning RA training and orchestrating move in and last minute changes.

It’s like the past month and a half, I’ve been waiting on one of those terribly long lines for a roller coaster. The type of line that you can’t even seen the beginning when you get on and there are electronic displays telling you how long the wait is from that point in line. You’ve probably seen the kind of line I’m talking about at a place like Six Flags, Universal, or Disney. That line is long and boring and hot and that’s almost exactly how the past six weeks have been. I’ve just been sitting on my desk waiting for the next thing to do and looking at my calendar to see how much longer I have to go.

And right now, it’s like once you’re on the roller coaster. You’re held in by some seemingly inadequate contraption and the cars are slowly starting to move forwards. You’re scared and excited…and if you’re anything like me, you’re hoping you don’t throw up. You’re climbing up that first hill and it’s so big and it feels like it’s taking forever, but you can see it! You can see the point where the fun (or terror, depending on who you ask) begins – the very top of that hill. I’m on that big hill right now. All these meetings and all this planning, it’s all for when the RAs and students arrive. Which is in…three weeks, wait now two weeks, wait NEXT WEEK. They are coming next week. And down the hill we go…

Once the RAs (and later the students) arrive, everything moves so fast. There’s twists and turns and ups and downs and occasionally, the upside down loop or two. I’m kind of hoping I don’t get any of those anytime soon. I’ve never been a fan of the upside down roller coaster. The days and weeks will fly by and will be filled with programs and recruitment and student meetings and philanthropy events.

Then suddenly, much sooner than you expect, the roller coaster slows down and you pull back to the platform. Your hair will be a mess and you may have lost your hat or a sandal (or your lunch). And then it’s over. In May, we will pull up to the platform after the school year ends. We will be tired, but hopefully we will have enjoyed ourselves. And then we will quickly run to get in line for the next ride.

You might want to turn off the sound before watching the following video.

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