Forever EVER?

College Forever! What does that mean?

It’s something I just used to say and it just became funny once I decided I was going to “do college” “forever”. Hopefully it won’t be forever. I do hope to retire one day. Another thing I used to say as a quick response to when people asked me why I was going into student affairs was, “College was the best four years of my life so I decided to make it the best forty!” Some people might be able to identify me just from that statement alone.

But the web address is College Forever Ever?

Well, I tried to register “collegeforever” and it turns out that was taken. I did some investigating and that currently links to a blog with one entry. Sigh. I had the option to register “collegeforever” with a different domain and pay for it, but, as many of you already know, student affairs isn’t exactly a profession one goes into if their ultimate goal is to get rich. So with that I decided to get creative. You know the song “Sorry Ms. Jackson” by Outkast? If not, go listen to it.

And that, my friends, is how this blog got its name.

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